TDR 2022 (Saturday, 14 May)

Draw v5 (as at Thursday, 12 May, 7pm)

Order of Racing v5 (as at Thursday, 12 May, 7.00pm)

Live Results will be available on race day at and on Twitter at Please note that anything to do with the following events on EasyRegatta is incorrect and that the above Draw and Order of Racing take precedence:

  • Challenge8s (EasyRegatta is a great service, but can’t cope with the format of this innovative event).
  • WJ14 4x+ Top and General Classification Group 2, WJ15 8+ and W 2x Band 1 because these events have been redrawn and Easyregatta can’t be updated to reflect that.

TDArt 2021: The winners!

Here at TDR HQ we were literally HOWLING with laughter when we watched this wonderful entry from Jenny and Laurence of Kingston RC in the Performing Arts category, which is the runaway winner of TDArt 2021. Not only are we bowled over by their creativity and skill, we’re hugely touched by the huge vast amount of time and effort they clearly put into making this. We’re sure it will be a boost to the regatta-deprived rowing community everywhere, and suggest you watch it at least 3 times to get all of the clever details.

We’re really looking forward to their race entry at TDR 2022. Well, if Boris says we can start training for it with confidence, that must be true, right?

TDR 2020: The Movie

It’s regatta day! Or not, as things have turned out. So some of the volunteers have brought you a garden-based version which we hope will remind you if its charms. 

Please note: no social distancing guidelines were broken in the making of this film – where you see two people together, they live in the same house.