Watch out for waterfowl!

Thames Ditton Regatta is a waterfowl-friendly regatta: that means we want to make sure that no swans, geese, ducks or other waterfowl with whom share the river are harmed during the regatta.

This is a particular challenge because the regatta takes place in May when swans and other wildfowl are nesting or have cygnets/chicks which are less able to get out of the way of boats than adult birds are when out on an excursion on the water (i.e. they can’t fly off), and are particularly fragile if any part of a boat accidentally comes into contact with them.

Competitors and launch drivers: what to do

As specified in the instructions to competitors and conveyed to the officials, boats should stop if there is a risk that they are going to hit a bird whether marshalling or during a race. Umpires will stop a race in this situation, and coxes/steers should be aware that this may happen and be prepared to act promptly.

If a bird is hurt: what to do

On race day (only), please contact our Welfare Officer Sarah Searle on 07721 994724. If you have waterfowl concerns relating to the regatta at other times, please email us at .

Thank you.