Notes for coaches

Trailer parking

The regatta site is relatively tight for trailer parking space. While the TDR parking marshals are aware that you will want the maximum possible space for boat unloading and rigging, you will need to bear in mind that we will need to get other schools’/ clubs’ trailers onto to the site. We will do our best to accommodate your needs but would be grateful for cooperation from you.

Please also be aware that the small beach at the downstream end of the regatta site must be kept clear at all times to allow launching of safety and umpires launches.


Many schools and clubs bring a gazebo or other shelter to the Regatta for their athletes. Please be considerate when siting these – be aware that a path must be left for an ambulance to travel from the First Aid post near the Finish to the Regatta entrance (near the Kingston Grammar School boathouse).

Please be sensible when pitching your temporary accommodation and ensure that you aren’t causing inconvenience to other site users (for example, you may be taking up muchneeded parking space). Parking marshals may ask you to move inconveniently-sited gazebos – if in doubt ask a parking marshal if your proposed site is in anyone’s way.

Launching from beaches (which you and your crews may not have done much)

  • There are no rafts at the regatta – boats competing in the Regatta are launched from beaches bordering the river.
  • Please advise your crews to bring suitable footwear for paddling (wellies, Crocs, sliders or something similar). It might also be a good idea to bring a trug or large bag to collect footwear from crews which will speed up their ability to vacate the boating area on their return.
  • Our schedule is tight in order to accommodate all of the crews who want to race. This means a lot of boats have to get on and off the water and the space for doing this is limited. To optimise the speed of this process, please ensure that all gates are open before the boat is placed on the water. It also helps if additional coaches/ helpers can bring blades right to the boat so that the crew does not have to walk off once it has placed the boat on the water.
  • Hold the boat level when it is on the water as there will be considerable wash from the umpire launch of passing races.
  • Please also be aware that there is a considerable slope from the Regatta site down to the beach (especially that near the Finish area) and that younger athletes may need some assistance in bringing boats up that slope. You may consider getting their parents and friends to offer some assistance where a crew is struggling.
  • Oars and sculls should be removed from the boating area as soon as possible after racing – again, helpers may be useful in this regard.
  • Crews will be able to launch from two beaches on the site, one towards the upstream end and the other at the downstream end of the regatta site. However, the downstream beach borders on a third (small) beach which should not be used for launching racing crews as it must be kept clear for emergency craft and umpires’ launches.
  • If boating from the KGS raft (with their permission) DO NOT WEAR FLIPFLOPS/ SLIDERS as the slope down to it is very steep.


The majority of attendees at the tegatta are very responsible with respect to collecting and taking away litter (or putting it in the bins provided onsite). Thanks to all who do this! Extra rubbish and recycling bags are always available from the Welfare tent.